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USB Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

PERFECTLY HEATED EVERY TIME! Keeping your little one content and well-fed while on the go is so important, making this fleece material USB Portable Baby Bottle Warmer a must-have baby accessory. Wrap the heating band around the bottle, secure the Velcro strip, and plug the cable into any USB port to begin the warming process. This bottle warmer heats quickly and evenly and fits most baby feeding bottles. Milk with a dash […]

Treat Launcher for Dogs

Dispenses lekker treats and leaping fun! Your fur companion will absolutely love this Treat Launcher for Dogs. Pop your pet’s favourite tidbits into the easy-to-load launcher. Fill up, pull down the slider and push the button to release for a scrumptious treat and healthy workout. This launcher supplies their favourite snack with speed keeping your dog on the move and well-entertained.

Infinity Cube

DISCOVER INFINITE CALM AND INNER PEACE! Flip and fold endless shapes with this popular pocket-size Infinity Cube. Emotionally, this fidget tool provides great sensory interaction by helping to decrease anxiety, relieve stress, and restore mood. Mentally, it can develop brainpower and has the ability to cultivate logical reasoning skills. Physically, it helps in strengthening essential fine motor skills. Built with eight tough ABS plastic blocks, linked with bearings and pins making […]

Feelgood Pets – Aggression Formula

 A chilled pet is a happy pet! This remedy helps pets enjoy the company of humans and other pets. FeelgoodPets Aggression Formula is a natural remedy for pets who show symptoms of aggressive behaviour. Use to calm anxious, aggressive, and highly strung or jealous animals. by reducing aggression levels and related behaviour. Underlying reasons for aggressive behaviour commonly include fear, insecurity, stress, problems […]