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USB Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

PERFECTLY HEATED EVERY TIME! Keeping your little one content and well-fed while on the go is so important, making this fleece material USB Portable Baby Bottle Warmer a must-have baby accessory. Wrap the heating band around the bottle, secure the Velcro strip, and plug the cable into any USB port to begin the warming process. This bottle warmer heats quickly and evenly and fits most baby feeding bottles. Milk with a dash […]

Zonic Baby Tender Vibes Music Box

Enjoy 3 simple pleasures in 1! A music box is good for the heart, mind, and body. This Zonic Baby Tender Vibes Music Box features a red light that is scientifically proven to promote restful sleep, one lullaby tune, and a vibration button to help soothe and comfort your precious baby. It’s compact and portable, making it useful at home or while out and about. Choose […]

2 in 1 Baby Sleep Pillow

Soothes your baby straight to sleep! Create a safe and comfortable sleeping spot with this 2 in 1 Baby Sleep Pillow. The shape of the pillow will not only help your little one transition from the womb to the cot with ease but will also promote a good sleeping position. The head of the pillow features an “O” shape design that reduces pressure and encourages […]