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Treat Launcher for Dogs

Dispenses lekker treats and leaping fun! Your fur companion will absolutely love this Treat Launcher for Dogs. Pop your pet’s favourite tidbits into the easy-to-load launcher. Fill up, pull down the slider and push the button to release for a scrumptious treat and healthy workout. This launcher supplies their favourite snack with speed keeping your dog on the move and well-entertained.

Bob Martin – Scented Cat Litter

Deodorizes your kitty’s daily needs! Bob Martin Scented Cat Litter is gentle on precious paws and designed to make this everyday task easier when kitty nature calls. It’s long-lasting and super absorbent. Plus, it features fragranced and antibacterial crystals, making this litter the purr…fect choice for both you and your fur baby!

Pet Carrier Bag

Safe and stylish travel! We utterly love our fur pets and keeping them safe while out and about is a top priority. Tote your best friend around town in this Large Pet Carrier Bag. This snazzy carrier is not only a good choice for dogs and cats to experience all outdoor adventures but is ideal for highly strung pets who need to feel secure and protected […]

Dog Round Rope & Tug Toy with Tennis Ball

Enjoy fun times with your canine companion! If your dog fancies a good game of tug of war, then they will love this Dog Round Rope & Tug Toy with Tennis Ball. This delightful toy will not only keep your dog fit and healthy but is ideal for interaction and socialization too. Rope toys are fun and an easy way to floss your […]

Small Pet Lead & Collar Set

Gets your fur companion spotted! Your pooch will be the safest and trendiest pooch while out and about in the neighborhood with this eye-catching Small Pet Lead & Collar Set. The collar is comfortable, easy, and safe to wear and comes with a matching leash. Suitable for small dogs to wear daily or for more sophisticated occasions.

Bob Martin Tick & Flea Collar for Dogs

Protects your precious pooch from pesky parasites! Bob Martin Tick & Flea Collar for Dogs is a preventative tool in the fight against fleas and ticks. It works by releasing its active ingredient providing 4-week protection. It not only kills fleas and ticks but also fights off ticks before they bite, preventing illness. This collar is ideal for dogs who spend most of their time […]

Pet Couch Cover

Simply lay it down over your couch! Not only is this 2-Seater Pet Couch Cover ideal for pets but for kids too! Protect your couch from pet hairs, mud, drool and so much more, even existing stains. The quilted cover has a diamond pattern made from microfiber polyester fabric with 100% polyester fill and is soft, comfortable, and easy to […]