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Infinity Cube

DISCOVER INFINITE CALM AND INNER PEACE! Flip and fold endless shapes with this popular pocket-size Infinity Cube. Emotionally, this fidget tool provides great sensory interaction by helping to decrease anxiety, relieve stress, and restore mood. Mentally, it can develop brainpower and has the ability to cultivate logical reasoning skills. Physically, it helps in strengthening essential fine motor skills. Built with eight tough ABS plastic blocks, linked with bearings and pins making […]

Kids Digital Camera

This Kids Digital Camera will encourage a new eye-capturing hobby behind the screen. With a 2.0-inch viewing display, this camera is sure to get your budding photographer to snap inspiring photos and fun videos in no time. This camera not only has a durable and firm structure make but its lightweight compact design makes it easy for little hands to grasp too. The perfect […]

3D Magic Drawing Board

Illuminating stand out adventures! The 3D Magic Drawing Board will provide your little man with a fun, new way of highlighting their imaginations wild. Draw or trace to create your favourite picture. Place the plastic board on the LED light stand, put on your 3D glasses, and climb into your very own three-dimensional world. Then wipe clean and start again. This fabulous pad is also ideal […]

Donut Fidget Poppers

These dimples will restore calm and inner peace! These Donut Fidget Popper are the latest sensory craze. Emotionally, these fidget tools provide great sensory interaction by helping to decrease anxiety, relieve stress, and restore the mood. Mentally and physically, they can exercise children’s mathematical thinking, reasoning strategy, mental arithmetic, logical thinking, and fine motor skills. It’s simple to use, just press the mouse bubbles down […]